Coach Farrah Smith

I believe knowledge is a superpower, and I shorten other people’s learning curve by sharing all the wisdom I have acquired as a lifelong student of personal and professional development. A major focus for me is the power of positive thinking because your mindset impacts the amount of confidence and…

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Can you have high self-esteem and low self-worth? Absolutely. I have struggled with this a lot during my professional journey.

Even when I successfully delivered an impactful TEDx talk, I still found myself being hyper-critical of my physical appearance and likeability factor. Getting on the prestigious TED stage made me…

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If you feel like you have been living under a mountain of stress the last two years, you are not alone. Between a global pandemic, political and social unrest, and economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder fear and anxiety have become prevalent emotions in our society. Since we cannot always control…

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Do you ever feel as though you are accomplishing your goals, but something is still missing? That you are advancing professionally, but you still aren’t satisfied? Most likely, it’s because somewhere along the line, you lost track of your intrinsic motivation.

To be truly fulfilled when you succeed, you must…

Farrah Smith

Coach Farrah teaches a transformational course for teens and young adults that focuses on mindful awareness, neuroscience, and high-performance habits.

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